Best Places To Visit In Parvati Valley

Best places to visit in Parvati Valley
Best places to visit in Parvati Valley

Parvati valley is one of the most alluring and the safest locations in Himachal Pradesh not only that you will able to see many untouched sites located in the Parvati valley itself. Now if your life is full of anxiety and frustration it is the best time that you should take a break from your work and come to the Himalayas. In Parvati valley, you will find solitude and me time to reorganize your life.

There are many places to visit in Parvati Valley like Malana, Tosh, Rashol,  Kheeganga, Kasol, Manikaran and many untouched sites.

If you are planning to visit Parvati valley any time soon you are at the right spot.

How to reach Parvati Valley:

It is very easy to reach here if you are traveling from Manali, take a bus which goes to Bhuntar. And here your journey starts. From Bhuntar, you will get a local connecting bus to Kasol which is around 30kms from Bhuntar. Manikaran is 3kms from Kasol and from Manikaran you can take a bus to Barshaini, 14kms from  Manikaran. Kalga and Pulga are two brief and suitably maddening treks from Barshaini and they are amazingly beautiful. I know that most people are eager to checkout  Malana as it is the most secluded village and the oldest democracy in India.

Here are a list of best places to visit in Parvati Valley:-


Malana is a very famous place in Parvati valley because of its agricultural goods and societal norms. Societal norms as it has some rules and regulations to get social with people coming from around the world and this is because of some myths that they follow. You can get there easily from the village Jari by bus or a taxi but try to avoid taxi rides because they are very expensive that might make your budget wobble.


Waichin and magic valley Malana

When you will reach Malana Valley and you want some trekking experience, you should probably visit these two treks which are Waichin Magic Valley. You do not have to worry about the places to stay because there you will get facilities for camping if you are up for that. Otherwise, you can always book a hotel, cottages, and homestays. If I were to refer something nice and cozy, I would say you must go to  Royal Himalayan cafe. It has good food and an amazing camping site.



Tosh is a very small village that is being visited frequently by many tourists and is on the road ahead. Tosh becomes very crowded between the months from  May to October and gets overpriced as well. There you will find many restaurants and cottages to stay, perhaps very expensive. One bonus is that you can take a one hour hike to Kutla village which comes with a more peaceful vibe.


There was a time when Kasol was nothing but a very tiny village but now it has grown to a hugely populated town. There you will find not only local people but people from Israel are in huge population. If you want to experience the luxury to try different food item then this is the right place to be. Some of the Israeli people work in the local restaurants and they make Israeli cuisine which something new to try. From jewelry shopping to souvenir shopping, you can get anything in here.

Manikaran Gurudwara Sahib

Manikaran is on the same road as Kasol but ahead of it. If you prefer walking, you can even walk up the distance of almost 4 km and reach there. It is a major Sikh’s pilgrimage with a natural hot water spring where you can take a hot water bath, which calms your body and mind and relieves anxiety and stress.


Kheerganga trek is the most popular trek in Parvati Valley. And yes it is quite longer than the treks mentioned above. It can take one day to complete the trek and the village it starts from is Barshaini. You can also take a halt at night in the village up there and don’t worry about the stay, as there are many camping facilities and cottages are available.

I know this trip seems very fascinating and calming to your mind and body. You might have started to plan your vacation to get here. Let me tell you the best time of the year to come to this place is in the month of April, May or October and November.

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